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There are two types of Insect-o-cutor electric fly killer machines: sticky glueboard and "zappers". Both types include one or more ultra-violet lamps that are vital when attracting flies. They can deal with most flying insects such as the common housefly and all types of moth.

If you need more information about flying insects, please click here


Electric Fly Killer Machines that Zap Flies

The "zapper" type of fly killer may be more familiar to many people as they can often be seen in supermarkets, butchers etc. They have a live grid that electrocutes that flying insects. They then will drop into a catch tray.

To see our range of electric grid fly zappers please click on these links:

Small | Industrial

Glueboard FlyKillers

The glueboard type is based on the age-old method of trapping flies. Once they land on the sticky surface they are trapped there. Our glueboards are specially formulated to maximise their trapping potential.

Sticky glueboard fly killers are very useful in areas where zappers may be inappropriate. Because they are virtually silent, they can be disguised as lamps and used in public areas restaurants. No more waiters chasing flies or trying to discreetly ignore them!

Please see our range of glueboard fly killers:

Small | Industrial

Fly Traps

These products can target more specific areas where flying insects are more likely to be found

Window Fly Trap | Door Fly Trap


Spares, including UV Bulbs for your Fly Killer

How many times have you purchased a product and found that it cannot be serviced with spare parts? Don't despair! We provide spare parts for all of our current models and for many discontinued models.

Click here for spare parts for electric flykillers
You can purchase from a full range of UV Bulb products here

Electric Fly Killers are available from:

Insectocutor fly killer and glueboard products from Arkay Hygiene

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    Home | FlyScreens | Fly Traps | Spares, including UV Bulbs and Glueboards| Information About Flying Insects | Links | Contact Us

    "Zapper" Fly Killer Models - Industrial | "Zapper" Fly Killer Models - Small

    Glueboard Fly Killer Models - Industrial | Glueboard Fly Killer Models - Small

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